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FTP & EFT Connections

If you are using a FTP program such as FileZilla or Fetch, ITP of USA’s FTP site is now using SFTP for secure file transfers.

All connections to the FTP site must now use the SFTP protocol using port 22 for all connections.

The new SFTP address is s

Please update your FTP client software to the new address if you are an existing customer.

If you do not have a FTP program and would like to use the EFT portal to transfer files, use the following instructions.

These instructions are meant to help you connect to our Electronic File Transfer Website. Here you can upload and download files from our servers. Once you have connection to the internet, open your web-browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc) and go to the address .

The Login screen will appear and you should enter your username and password provided to you.

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