ITP’s On-Site Postal Verification and Full-Service Mailing Ensures Accuracy

ITP’s full-service mailing department operates as a United States Postal Service (USPS) Detached Mail Unit (DMU), which offers our customers the top-level of support, security and processing priority for mailing of their printed materials. DMUs are established at facilities that have high volumes of presorted mail and meet the highest levels of knowledge and presorting capabilities.

As a DMU, ITP has a postal employee working on-site every day for mail inspection, verification, acceptance and dispatch of all outgoing mail, as well as monitoring other postal functions. Our customers receive specialized postage discounts, priority processing and avoid delivery delays on their mailings. Everything is managed through ITP’s mailing department and our comprehensive services make us a trusted mailing resource for your printed materials.

Mailing Capabilities

  • Mail List Processing, Addressing and Barcoding including CASS and NCOA (National Change of Address)
  • Domestic and International Mailing
  • Address Verification, Merging and Deduping
  • Fold, Insert & Seal

Benefits of a Detached Mail Unit

  • Seamless Acceptance of Customer Mailings by the US Postal Service
  • UPSP Full-Service Mailing Designation and Additional Postage Discounts
  • Confidence that All Mailings Meet USPS Presort Mailing Requirements
  • Immediate Entry into Processing through the USPS Mail Stream
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