Paper with a Conscience – Recyclable Signs

The increase in businesses and consumers who want/need fully recyclable signage is on the rise.  ITP stocks Bulldog Board for this purpose.  This sign stock paper is a stiff two-sided coated paper that comes as a print-ready sheet. It has a bright, smooth white surface with a clean core. It is superior in remaining stiff and flat for hanging signs and displays withstanding wind and temperature changes.  It comes in varying thickness from 0.5 mm to 3 mm, is single-ply, and is an ideal replacement for plastic and petroleum-based and foam printed signs and displays. It is mostly recommended for indoor use.

Bulldog Board can be used in both our offset and digital print departments and is in high demand in our large format department.

ITP clients have used Bulldog Board for:

  • Hanging signs
  • Freestanding displays
  • Point of sale, counter and retail signage
  • Presentation boards

ITP customers who are part of higher education have shown an increase in interest in using Bulldog Board for signage on college campuses.  Signs that are short-term in nature and used for parent events or sporting events are being produced on 100% recyclable Bulldog Board because it can be placed in the regular paper recycling bin after the sign is no longer needed.  Once again, paper recycling is on the rise.

According to, in 2018 36.2 percent of paper and paperboard in the US went to produce container board which is the material used in corrugated boxes. And 11.5 percent went to produce boxboard which is used for folding boxes and wallboard facings.  Check out Recovered Paper Statistics,  here.

The amount of paper going to landfills declined significantly over the past ten years and this is attributed to the paper recovery rate.  ITP wants to be part of the paper recovery and recycling solution.

Whether your company has started a new initiative to use only 100% recyclable paper products or wants to explore eliminating the use of plastic signage, petroleum-based marketing materials, ITP is experienced in printing signage on Bulldog Board products.  At ITP, we pride ourselves on creating quality digital and print marketing communications that resonate with your audience, stimulate their senses and ultimately result in your success.

Bulldog Board 3mm single-ply 100 percent recyclable signs