It’s All About Opportunity

Your day is filled with them. Whether it’s meeting with a client, saying “Good Morning” to your co-worker in the hallway, securing new business, working on a marketing endeavor or fighting to make a deadline, we all have the opportunity to succeed or fail on the smallest and largest tasks that hit our plates each and every day.

We get one opportunity to impress. We get one chance to make a positive impact on a potential customer. We get one chance to smile and make a difference in someone’s day. Every new task or project puts us “on stage” again and we need to perform and fulfill our many responsibilities There isn’t time to falter, to not succeed, to not grind it out and get it done. If we don’t succeed, someone else will.

It’s true… opportunity is everywhere. And how you approach opportunities in your personal life and professional life make a huge impact on your health, attitude, success and overall happiness. If you look within your own company or organization, you have a certain number of customers, donors, members or people within your network that directly impact your company or organization’s monthly revenue, profitability, cash flow and operating budget.

A portion of that revenue trickles down and gives members of a specific organization the ability to support themselves and their families. A portion allows them to invest in equipment, building and grounds maintenance, materials, computers, software and all the other wonderful things that help them do their jobs effectively. A portion of that revenue supports vendors and partners, their companies, their employees and their families. And a portion gets invested in infrastructure, research, development and long-term initiatives that help organizations grow and prosper for years to come.

At ITP, we understand that as a client trusts us with their project, there are possibly hundreds or thousands of individuals directly and indirectly impacted by the service we provide and the finished product we produce. All of the catalogs, brochures, sales presentation materials, digital postcard jobs, magazines, publications and conference materials help our clients achieve specific communication goals that generate revenue and support their employees and their families. When you break it down that way… Wow!!!… Each opportunity we have impacts a lot of people.

It’s only because of each of our clients, the talent that exists at your organizations and your commitment, that ITP is able to maintain the quality staff and dedicated employees who work hard each and every day to exceed your expectations.

In essence, we are all part of each other’s opportunity.

And when you take into account all the companies and individuals that our relationships tie together, well…we haven’t even scratched the surface of our opportunity.

There’s a sense of urgency in our every day work together. There’s never a day that a timeline doesn’t need met. There’s never a day that an issue or challenge doesn’t arise. There’s never a day that goes exactly as planned. Count on it.

But it’s only because of the opportunity.

by the Staff at ITP