Mailing Services & Fulfillment

ITP provides in-house, full-service mailing and fulfillment capabilities to streamline accurate delivery of your printed material to its final destination.

ITP serves as a detached mail unit for the United States Postal Service(USPS). USPS Employees are on-site at ITP daily to approve and verify mailings in-house, which expedites deployment and delivery of your important print materials at the most competitive postage rates.

ITP offers the use of our postage permits or can help you register your permit or non-profit mailing status with ITP, which helps eliminate logistical issues in completing your mailing project.

In addition, our extensive list of management and mailing services make us the only resource you need for your printed marketing efforts.

  • Fold, Insert & Seal
  • Wafer Seal
  • NCOA and CASS Certification
  • Mailpiece Design Review to Insure Accuracy
  • Merge and Dedupe
  • Custom Mailing Drop Dates
  • PAVE Certified Postal Presorting


ITP provides you with a 130,000 square foot facility to help you manage your storage needs. Our storage capabilities expand and enhance your communications efforts by providing:

  • Warehouse management in a secure physical plant and controlled environment
  • Inventory management to verify supplies and document inventory
  • Return management system to confirm receipt and disposition of returns

Facilities Management

ITP offers you the opportunity to equip and staff an in-house operation at your location to serve your internal needs, from design to managing printing, mailing processes and communications workflow.

  • Flexible, cost-efficient solutions to offer you complete access to ITP equipment and staff, on location at your site
  • Time-critical advantage of having direct interaction with ITP’s creative and production staff
  • ITP will help manage resources, operating within your outlined goals and budget

For more information on our printing, marketing, and mailing services, give us a call at 1-866-487-8506 or email us at