Environmental Commitment

Going “Green” & Saving You Money

At ITP, we strive to reduce our energy consumption, pollution and waste by establishing efficient and green business practices. These efforts minimize our own carbon footprint, as well as our clients', while also saving you money.

Eco-Friendly Practices & Certifications:

  • Eco-Smart Certified – using linseed-based inks for our presses. Manufactured using an organic renewable base content to produce inks with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Using cleaning and processing solvents free of environmentally harmful VOCs.
  • Waste paper and used aluminum printing plates are collected for recycling, as are all of our spent chemicals.
  • All waste inks are recycled and processed as components to manufacture a wide variety of materials.
  • Pre-press area operates on a completely digital workflow, eliminating use of photochemicals.
  • Utilize multiple digital presses that use completely non-toxic dry inks. All waste colorants are recycled and overall material and energy consumption is reduced.

ITP understands that the best environmental solutions not only save precious resources but also save time, which in the end saves you and your business money.